Construction service on Costa Blanca

We tailor our approach to each project, ensuring the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for every unique situation.

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construction services

Explore our specialized services, crafted to turn your vision into reality. We focus on exceeding your expectations, ensuring precision from the initial design to the final details.

Project planning

Optimize construction phases for efficiency and accuracy.

Interior design

Tailor interiors to reflect your unique style and comfort.

Exterior design

Craft exteriors that blend innovation with elegance.

Smart integration

Enhance your home with the latest smart technology.

Pool construction

Design and build your ideal luxury pool.

Security solutions

Secure your home with advanced safety systems.

Construction process on Costa Blanca

The construction process begins only upon obtaining a building permit from the administration of the respective municipality, issued based on the approved construction project and the construction contract between the client and the company. The contract, signed by both parties and, if necessary, notarized, specifies:

Cost estimation and payment terms

The total construction cost is determined based on the compiled construction estimate, which is an integral part of the contract. The estimate details all types of work, a complete list of materials with their characteristics and names, and the exact cost of each type of work. Payment for each type of work by the client is made only upon presentation of certificates of completion of these works, signed by the architect and the works manager.

Quality control​

Quality control is essential to our construction process, ensuring every phase meets the highest standards.​

Construction in Costa Blanca

Insurance policy

Specialized laboratories and experts carry out quality control of the work and materials. Upon completion, the client receives a 10-year insurance policy.

Optional oversight

At the client's request, quality control throughout all construction stages can be executed by a third-party specialist or organization invited for this purpose.

asked questions

Explore answers about our construction services in Costa Blanca, including Moraira, covering everything from planning to completion.

We offer a comprehensive scope of construction services, covering everything from initial design and documentation to final handover. Our services include custom project designs, construction management and coordination of all stages from approval to completion, specifically tailored for the Costa Blanca region.

Absolutely! Whether you're looking to add a garage, a pool or construct a new building from scratch in Moraira, we provide high-quality construction services along with professional advice and guidance tailored to your needs.

Each project is approached individually, with solutions that are both suitable and cost-effective for construction in Costa Blanca. We work closely with you to match the perfect land plot for your future home and allow you to choose from our collection of beautiful house designs, ensuring the project aligns with your financial and aesthetic preferences.

First Estate Construction offers full-scale services and expert guidance through all stages of the construction process in Moraira. From planning and budgeting to actual construction, local authority approvals, land purchases and even reselling, our experienced team supports you every step of the way.

We have our own team of skilled architects, realtors, legal advisors and construction workers, all experienced in construction in Costa Blanca. This allows us to offer significant discounts for complex projects and guarantee the highest quality in a short order.

The illustrious view, serene ambiance and lush lifestyle of Moraira make it a prime location for crafting your residence. Our detailed approach ensures that every aspect of construction in Moraira is navigated with expertise and precision.

Integrating visions with skilled craftsmanship is crucial in construction in Moraira. It’s about weaving dreams into tangible, luxurious realities in every structure we erect, ensuring each construction path is personalized and reflects your desires.

Construction in Costa Blanca involves securing perfect land plots, choosing from exquisite house projects and ensuring all constructions meet our high standards. We provide intricate task management to ensure quality and precision.

Our engagement extends beyond construction. We support the entire lifespan of your property in Moraira, from land procurement to navigating legal corridors and foreseeing potential resells. This transforms our service into a rewarding partnership that ensures a smooth transition from vision to inhabitation.